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02-14-2013, 06:54 PM
Hood: well Jacob we can't change the past. So don't dwell on it. What we need to do is find a way off this planet and hook back up with the rebel forces. What do you know of this planet.

Jacob: its a prison world. I know that much. So its going to be dangerous to travel.

Hood: well I'm glad now to have you with me. All that augmenting and training may just pay off here. Let's head that direction. There has to be some kinda of tech Herr that you can work your magic on.

Jacob gets up and they start walking following a stream. After walking for awhile they stop as hood needs to rest.

Hood: the sad thing is I will double our travel time. You can go on ahead Jacob

Jacob:no sir we will be fine. Someone's following us. And I don't won't to leave you alone sir.

Hood: how long have we been being followed

Jacob: I don't know but its been awhile now. I can just tell we are.

Hood pulls two combat knives from his uniform.

Hood: I got these from my father. They where made by a romulan from romulan steal and shadow material. They've been in my family since the shadow war.

Jacob takes the knife and puts it in a sheath in his armor.