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02-14-2013, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
I'd say the Tricobalt TORPEDO is a bulls*hit nerf. They already got quite nerfed when they introduced the High Yield ability to them so that got mandatory in order to make em useful.

Now half'ed their damage even more? When does a Trico land anyway? It needs superb timing and tactic to actually make them work properly.

Even with a guy like mini its almost impossible to properly hit someone on bare hull simply because of the superb timing you need to find that gap right between the rotating Omega's and Tacteams, (I even experienced it myself iwth my own tricobomb build)

On top of that, trico's are already as fragile as hell, only 1 guy using FaW somewhere close and it gets shot down. They do splash damage to yourself now as well since a long time. Lets nerf everything to uselessness :p


Just lol.
I agree. During PvE matches, players in ships armed with dual cannons would take down enemy ships' shields and I would finish them off with a high yield trico. There's something very satisfying about watching them slam into enemy ships and producing a 1 km wide shockwave...