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02-14-2013, 06:56 PM
Originally Posted by omnimagus View Post
Here's another fact check. I made a starbase to tier 1 and halfway to tier 2 solo. It isn't hard but it is boring. And that was with the foundry rewards in place. Without them, it's not worth the effort, and many of us have run out of anything else to do in this game.

With all due respect Dan, I think you are all deeply out of touch with your playerbase. You quote metrics and numbers, but those don't gauge player happiness or satisfaction.

I have a challenge for you Dan. For the next week, using the fleet events, try to get 900 fleet marks. I did it last week. Just go for it. Walk in our shoes for the ten days and see what it's like. See what it makes you think of this game. See how much fun it really is. Then come back and lets have a conversation about fleet marks and internal metrics, ok?

I love Star Trek, Dan. I love Space Combat. I love this game you've created. For the last year this has been the only video game I've played, and I've financially supported. It's the only game I want to play. And yet as we speak I'm in the process of downloading The Old Republic and LOTR online. Because I'm tired of the grind, and increasing it for less rewards is not viable for me or my fleetmates. I'm logging into turn in my dilithium now, and that's it, and that's out of the optimistic hope that you're going to fix this problem soon.

The problems with all those numbers and metrics is they don't predict the future,Dan. If you looked at those metrics last week, when I was merrily grinding day and night, they wouldn't have told you that I'd be downloading your competitors product today and not playing yours, would they?

As a businessman, I would advise you in the strongest possible terms to listen to your customers first and foremost, and your numbers second. Things can change too quickly for your charts and graphs to reflect.

Thanks for your time.

I couldn't have said it better myself!