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02-14-2013, 07:11 PM
First people complained about Tric Torps doing high damage without the needed buff from HYT, so Cryptic cut it's base damage by half and tied them to HYT and TS.

Tric Torp crits are rare, maybe 1 in 10. Even then, that's only under the condition the target's shields are down and can't be bothered to target the torp and shoot it down or load an AoE.

They had a unique niche that offered some diversity to the standard Torpedo. When played right, Tricobalt Torps could be used as an effective finisher.

With this patch, they'll be little more than glorified quantums but I suspect now, with the reduced CD combined with stacked Projectile Weapons Duty Officers, players will be able to spam disables indefinitely.

You nerfed something that was never an issue and compensated it with a far worse, abusable feature.

What little reason left to continue using Trics falls soley on the Klinks because every Klink team has at least one player crapping two Aceton Assimilators every 15 seconds making Tric Torps a waste of a weapons slot and BoFF ability for Feds.

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