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02-14-2013, 08:27 PM
Why there is no Tier/Project/Quality of Items Limit depending on Fleet Size?

You need a bigger/wider/higher Starbase with 500 members as a fleet with 25.

With 10 members Tier 1 limit
With 25 members Tier 2 limit
With 50 members Tier 3 limit

as limit and depending on the members the project costs.

Would be a solution and a possibility for smaller fleets to start easier than now.

Why no Fleetmarks (no big amounts) for differents "jobs" in the Fleetbase.
These bring this from place a to b or click in several rooms several consoles.
1. a nice reason to spend time on the fleetbase and
2. a nice possibility to earn Fleetmarks

Season 7 brought many many bad changes and every week you have to fear omething is getting this week
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