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*Voporak materializes on the transporter pad, wearing a uniform not seen since over 150 years ago*

Voporak (looking at the security): Y'all are looking at me like I'm a century old relic.

*After a moment of thinking*

Voporak: Wait a second, I am a century old relic. My ship is too, I suppose, but it certainly isn't obsolete, even in this time. *Ahem* Excuse me for that, I have a habit of rambling form time to time.
James: *Smirks* Admiral Dorman says that alot.. So I am used to it. And no this is not what I would normally look like .. *showing his face..* I am only in my 30's .. *Starts coughing and then injects another hypo into his neck which keeps it under control*

Forgive me. It is a degenerative disease.