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02-14-2013, 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by tsurutafan01 View Post
If you completely ignore the Academy Events (easy 4600 per hour of play), mining (1000 for 7 minutes work during non-event periods), elite STFs (960 for roughly 15 minutes), and DOFFing (easily several thousand a day with a good crew), this might be true. Maybe.
I Have to agree with the masses and I will just have to stop playing this STO. When they are so quick to stop us from taking advantage in-game I.E.. the "Weapons Free", but then lack the sense to see the comunity in an up-roar about FOUNDRY MISSIONS. This is one of your worst decisions you have most certainly made. I only hope I can convince more of my friends to drop this game for as long as it takes for you fix it. And I hope you enjoy the lack of people playing or buying Zen your real money from this game.