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02-14-2013, 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by novalous View Post
The reason the kills werent counted was because of backstep. Nice vid though, can you post the one from the week before when we spanked you? Lol! And the kills didnt count because of the spam thing.

Do you guys research anything or just spit diarrhea from the mouth? I think our team did pretty well considering we didnt have but 1 extends, 2 maybe. You guys should try it some time, it makes it a challenge fighting the best pvp fleet in the game with next to no heals.

So here's a challenge for all you egg heads out there since pvpers have nothing to do anyway. Lets see some numbers on the 85% shield resist applied with just extends transfer and epts.

Then calculate the regen and tell me what the amount of damage being done is.

And tell me shield resists are not op.

Then tell me that a skill with a 100% uptime that can maintain a resist at 85% with just a transfer and epts that only has 1 uncounterable counter thats not considered cheese and can be carried by any ship in the game is not op!

And you know why no one complains because the only people who talk on these forums use it as a crutch. Every number 1 premade in the game since the start of the game has built thier team around it.

So the way i look at it we had 2 choices: First go with the same crap everyone else does and have 3 hr stalemate matches with the same 3 to 4 extends or second come up with a way to beat it. So anyone with a brain knows how to beat a heavy heal team is heavy sci.

You call us p2w spammers when funny now everyone is in a wells or destroyer sci spammers. I think your extends spammers. So sorry but dont expect to post a vid and not get a response.

So I challenge all you awesome pvpers take off your extends blankie and see what happens. And lets see some numbers on those shield resists and how many there are. and how long you can keep multiple players at max resist then calculate in the crazy regen lets see some of those numbers or are you scared.
I'm not even sure what this is about, but I tidied it up for you a bit. Hope that helps.

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