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02-14-2013, 08:37 PM
To say the "average" fleet size is 25 players is a false representation of what size fleet the majority of fleets are. We know that there are fleets out there of hundreds of players. These fleets skew the "average" fleet size towards the higher end. To know these fleets exist but still have an average fleet size of 25 tells me there are many many fleets out there of less than 25. A better way to guess fleet size is to look at what the mean fleet size is. Take all the fleets, rank them by members, and which fleet size is in the middle. I'd be willing to guess that's probably about 15 members. So if we have 1000 fleets in STO 500 fleets have 15 players or less. So knowing that the MAJORITY of fleets in the game are so small, it seems silly to cater the system to those few fleets who boast big member rosters when many many more fleets have so few in comparison.

Also, what do these metrics look like for the KDF? You know that other faction thats treated like the red-headed step child of the game. I wait in queues for 30 minutes without getitng a hit, and then when they finally do go I'm rewarded with less than 20 FM. I can play the game for 2 hours and not even make 50 FM on the KDF side. Its ridiculous! Also, this isn't even getting to the fact that we've only had these same fleet missions for going on 9 months now grinding over and over again!
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