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02-14-2013, 08:39 PM
I'll be honest, I was gone for a while and only just returned. I'm in a fleet I founded just over 3 years ago. We're a small fleet, under 25 active members. Many of the members are lifetime subscribers and have been in STO since launch. Here are my thoughts:

When I first came back and saw the new Fleet Holdings, my first thought was they were way too expensive for a small fleet like ours. We'll take for ever to max out. Going off topic, I also found the game to have gotten very grindy. As well, $20 for a Fleet ship! WTF? I've purchased over 40 keys which have yielded very little and nothing I was at all excited about. That's $40 for almost nothing!

I'll be permanently done with STO the moment a new MMORPG I like comes out.

$20 for a ship!?!?!?