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02-14-2013, 07:44 PM
Wow this is a blank check. I have read many posts, but likely missed these things on others' lists.

My main desire is to increase the relevance of the cruiser and science. I have one of each branch in both factions and I cannot get over how much faster the "money maker" pve missions are with an escort. I understand there are different roles, but the sci and eng roles are too marginalized in most content for dilithium and marks.

I have 1 wish at each level short, mid and long

Short term
Make science ships scanning go much faster than cruisers and cruisers scanning faster than escorts. Similarly make satellite heals and such faster on the cruiser, second fastest on the science and slowest with the escort. This creates flexibility in mission design where a science ship can get things done before reinforcements arrive, while the tac will have to face down the incoming waves because they are not as efficient scanning or repairing. I am thinking specifically of Azure Nebula and Gorn minefield. The science ship would lower the tractors in Azure much faster than the escort, and might be able to get them down between enemy volleys which makes up for the massive disparity in effectiveness of the dps dealers. Cruisers would be slightly faster or have a higher resistance to take fire and not "break their concentration" on lowering the tractors with incoming fire. This optimizes each ship's role.

Mid Term
Fix balance for PvP and PvE in one shot. Create a separate skill tree for pvp and pve, also have a "A" and "B" load out for the ship. for PvP and Pve. This would allow us to not have to swap out things based on the drastically different game play and yet allow the programers to have powers work as intended in pvp, yet that is different in the other by nerfing or buffing each.

Long Term

While I would have liked the space battles to feel more like the shows/movie where you watch your hull bleed down slower and caveat that with the fact that if your ship actually gets destroyed you lose everything on it. (this would mean there would be more tactical withdraws and disables that were more common in startrek shows) I think that it would be best if there were more injuries taken to the ship before it was actually destroyed that took time to heal, not just the repair kit and a mouse click. THis would give the sci and eng more options in combat other than just causing massive DPS like the tac escourt in pvp.