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02-14-2013, 08:39 PM
Saying small fleets should suffer by "design" is retarded. Its a dumb idea to make small fleets progress more slowly then larger fleets, simple fact is you either couldnt or wouldnt make a scaling system to be fair to all fleets. So instead of manning up to it you throw that out.

The foundry mission was FINE the way it was, small fleets are starved for dil? Well no crap you keep taking away all our sources of Dil or cutting it down to nothing then wonder why?! You want to solve the dil problem, the repeaditive grind of same content etc. Return the IOR mission to how it was and give 2k dil per turn in, 2k dil per 15-30mins is fair and we can chose to do the content we want. Everyone wins!

But honestly Cryptic doesnt want us to win anything, we are supposed to slog through grind after grind after grind in the slowest most unfun way possible for them. Romulan instances are a joke reward wise vs other content but they dont increase them either.

My fleet agreed to halt progression cause of this, IOR we did together for fun as a fleet and were moving our starbase along at a decent pace, not some uber fast we would be done in no time breakneck speed cryptic seems to think.

The minds in charge of STO are flawed in their ideas, no content in any game should take 25 people 6+ months of grinding to complete its just irrational. 2-3 months i can see, but making that same task for a fleet of 5 take longer just cause that fleet enjoys having 5 friends is BS and you know it.

When you joined/made your fleets was your plan to make some uber super fleet? Or was it to collect friends to do fun things with reguardless of size? We are watching fleet after fleet die off because they cant progress in the same content as the rest of us. Cryptic you really want all of like 10 mega fleets and nothing else? Cause thats the way this beast is rolling.

Get your heads on straight, or hire someone who can think of a clear picture and move you towards it, cause atm your doing 1 step forward 10 steps back and doing it constantly. Listen to your damn testers when they say not to push bugged broken content out, you break more then you fix every time, and you do it KNOWINGLY which is beyond idiotic. If you see a red traffic light you wouldnt drive through it knowingly i would hope, yet you guys plow right into that school bus full of kids every chance you get.

Why? How?