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02-14-2013, 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by rustiswordz View Post
Then get and organise more fleet missons whats stopping you. As for people quitting because an exploit has been closed. Cutting nose off to spite face springs to mind.

IOR, next toon, IOR, next toon, IOR, next toon.... repeat XXX times every 30 mins.

All that dill to buy all those things and they still stand in one place... IOR, IOR, IOR...
There are only so many things in game, actually less that offer fleet marks. As you only quoted a partial statement to what I originally said... having the ability to play missions that were not the same thing over and over again was nice, we did this as a fleet and at the same time were given fleet marks which helped our but small fleet.

Now..... to get fleet marks, yes we can still do foundry missions but to get rewarded with FLEET MARKS, we need to stick to fleet actions, do you understand now.. that means we can only do these to get FLEET MARKS, so basically they are forcing something onto us that FOR US, in unjoyable.... before at least we had the option of picking different missions each day to do our daily with, and yes some did the occasional fleet action to get more marks...

What they should do as someone mentioned which is a great idea is to allow a group of 3-5 to team up and be able to do the foundry daily and get the fleet marks. Least we would have the option to still enjoy something without the need to be doing a set things over and over...

If there going to force people to do set things then bring in open pvp..
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