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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Er... changes?

I already listed a bunch of the RNG that already exists in the game...

...the skill involved in this game is about maximizing your fluke to get an advantage over your opponent's fluke. That wouldn't change.
The flukey parts of the game are on things that happen so often that they get balanced out.

The problem is that with cooldown abilities, they are infrequent enough that a short streak of misses might last an entire match.

If there's a 10% chance of something and you do it 100 times (and hit rolls for weapons are typically done many hundreds of times) then over all things get averaged out. If you do it twice though, then it's not that uncommon to roll that 10% twice in a row

If you wanted abilities to roll to hit, you'd need to reduce their cooldowns enough that they'd be used hundreds of times in a typical match.