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02-14-2013, 10:19 PM
Except other than essentially mandatory passives, none of these features have any effect on the gameplay. There's two "factions:" A task force and Romulans. With no way to attain negative reputation with someone or lose reputation on the axis, any positive reputation becomes pointless.

None of the Romulans slain during the campaign have spoken from the grave. Different ideals notwithstanding, should not D'Tan be wary of any assistance offered by those who have struck down so many of his brethren? There should be dissent from officers on all sides but that is only seen in one system during the patrol and there are no lasting repercussions.

The present reputation system merely obfuscates the fact that there is nothing meaningful for us to do. As a result, they added this thinly veiled grind to an already fetid system of gameplay and called it content.
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