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02-14-2013, 10:29 PM
Short -Term

Cycle through the old Limited of time offers for Fleet Special Projects so that new fleets and small fleets that couldn't afford them have the chance to build them. Alternatively turn them into Tier V Specisl Projects.


Well I'd like to see the Fleet Starbases completed. Tier V still looks like it's missing some things, like they're supposed to look like Starbase 39 on the outside and the interior is supposed to have a window and something in the middle of the main floor. I don't know how it is for the KDF but there appears that there's supposed to be more content.

New Story Missions, it feels like some of the arcs have been left open ended on purpose and I'd like some closure. Not too mention that it seems like there are plans to bring in Nicole De'Boer and a few other characters from the series, if not maybe a few characters modelled after them.

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