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# 1 Star Trek: Allegiance Part 3
02-14-2013, 11:07 PM
Due to not wanting to have a bunch of text lumped onto the end of Part 3, I've decided to put in a 'deleted scene' as it were regarding Rodriquez's past with Section 31 as it MIGHT be significant to the story in the future.

The following takes place 3 hours after the end of Star Trek: Allegiance Part 3 'Scavengers of the Storm'

Location: Vice Admiral Rodriquez's ready room, U.S.S. Glenn H. Curtiss

As New Tampa is being cleaned up after the attack from the Klingons, you have been requested by Captains Montgomery and Belar to join them in confronting Rodriquez about his past with Section 31 and the 'Mohegan Incident.'

The vice admiral's ready room, like the bridge, is buried deep within the ship. As such, the normal port hole has been replaced by large holographic screens on all four walls, the floor, and the ceiling. Each screen shows the view outside the carrier corresponding to its location in the room, creating the sense that his desk is floating in the middle of the task force. Only metal framing along the edges and the furniture break the illusion. As you enter you see Rodriquez standing behind his desk, facing away from the door and looking out 'ahead' of the Curtiss at the repairs going on to the hull of the Hartford. Agent Lupin is standing at right nearest corner of the desk, while Dwight Montgomery and Lazu Belar are waiting on the other side.

Lazu sees you enter and waits for the door to close behind you before speaking. "Alright, we're all here. Now do you mind explaining to us what this 'Mohegan Incident' is all about? Apparently Admiral Tailor was involved in what Haraguchi accused you of, but you've been ducking the question since 4028."

Rodriquez gave a sigh before turning around to face everyone else in the room. You can see whatever he is about to say has weighed on him for a long time. "The U.S.S. Mohegan was my first full command. She was a Cheyenne class, old ship but she performed well. At the time Ryha Marob was my XO, we had worked together for years beforehand."

He stepped out from behind his desk as he talked, walking over to the starboard view screen and examining your ship in the distance. "I wasn't in command more than 3 months before I got a visit from someone claiming to be from Starfleet Intelligence. I had had a run in with Section 31 before earlier in my career, and it wasn't long before I knew they had come calling again, or at least that's what I thought."

Dwight and Lazu glanced at each other, though Lupin kept a neutral expression as Rodriquez continued. "There was a scientist by the name of Ren Matsumura that was working on advanced phase-shift technology on a small research station in an asteroid belt in the Rolor Nebula. It was all very theoretical but if it worked it could pose a serious threat if it fell into the wrong hands. Section 31 had tried to recruit him before but had been rebuffed numerous times. The agent wanted Marob and I to go onto the station and speak with him, saying that Starfleet was interested in his work and wanted to assist him."

Lazu interrupted, guessing what came next. "Matsumura was Saiko's father, and I assume he told you to go someplace rather unpleasant?"

Lobo nodded, turning to face her. "Correct. He accused us of working for Section 31 and demanded we leave before we got a dozen sentences out. At that point the backup plan kicked in. If we couldn't get Matsumura to come along, we were to plant a listening device we were given so that he could be monitored to make sure someone unfriendly to the Federation wasn't trying to obtain the technology from him." His faced darkened a bit, eyes closing as he remembered what happened next.

An uncomfortable silence enveloped the room before Lupin broke it. "The device they ended up planting was not for monitoring, but for targeting. As soon as Rodriquez and Marob beamed back aboard the Mohegan the computer took control of tactical and fired a full broadside of phasers into the wing of the station Matsumura's lab was in. Five barrages were fired before they managed to kill the power to the weapons manually. When the dust cleared half the station was exposed to vacuum, including the living quarters of Kenji Haraguchi and his two children."

Montgomery and Belar shared a look of horror as they fully understood what had happened. "Admiral", Dwight stammered out, still in shock, "you're still willing to work with them after they did this?"

Lupin raised a hand as Belar looked ready to throw a chair at him. "Section 31 had nothing to do with it. The agent in question was acting without orders and completely against our protocols. Trust me, if we thought Matsumura was a threat we had plenty of more subtle means of dealing with him then shipboard weaponry. As it turned out the agent fled the Mohegan before Rodriquez got back, though we caught up with him eventually and made sure he paid for what he did."

Lazu relaxed her grip on the chair in front of her, looking back to Rodriquez. "And what does Tailor have to do with all of this?"

"As you can imagine there was an investigation into what happened." ,he replied, apparently more relaxed now that the secret was in the open. "Tailor led the board, but Section 31 was pulling the strings." Rodriquez glanced back at Lupin before continuing. "They knew if what had really happened ever came out it would cause problems for both them and Starfleet. They also couldn't just disappear an entire heavy cruiser's worth of crew, not without raising more questions, so they did what they do best...they lied."

Lupin continued where Rodriquez left off. "The board ruled that the Mohegan's systems had been infiltrated by an unknown hostile force which had caused the attack to sow chaos. A few groups got tossed around, but for the most part the report was quietly accepted and buried as another tragic episode in colonial space. As you might guess, Haraguchi didn't buy the official version for a second and now has a chance to get revenge on us and the admiral here with some gentle prodding by Thorn and Keller."

Dwight started to speak but was cut off as the intercom chimed, Commander Kissa?s voice coming through. "Vice Admiral, repairs to New Tampa are almost complete and Admiral Tailor would like to speak to you alone on the surface as soon as possible."

Rodriquez looked around at the people in his ready room. "Saved by the grumpy flag officer", he mused, though the joke was said with little mirth. He straightened his coat as he dismissed the other senior officers of the task force, walking out the door with Lupin in tow. Dwight and Lazu watched him leave, turning to each other as the door closed.

"Do you believe him?" Lazu asked, rubbing her hands as if unsure what to do.

"I don't know, it seems plausible but I still feel uneasy. Why so much overkill to take out one man? There must have been something else going on."

Both captains turn to you slowly. "What do you think?"


Would love any feedback you might have regarding this mission, both good and bad. I'm hoping it will get out of review quickly, so if you've signed up to review content please give it a try when you can. Thank you.
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