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02-14-2013, 11:11 PM
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There is a discernible difference between a lack of content, and a lack of content that is interesting to a wide audience. This game has things to do, certainly. It has very little to do that I find interesting, or worthy of my time. That's a problem for me, but not for everyone. When you introduce a finite grind like the rep systems, some will be pretty much immediately put off when they see their first 20 hour timer. In that case that content may as well not exist to that player. Then when you attach a themepark planet to that system, and that planet's purposes pretty much solely to that system, any of the content on that planet is also nullified as it's a subset of a system that has already discouraged that player. So when a player says there's 'no' content, that probably just generally refers to the fact that there's no content they personally enjoy. Exaggeration happens. It may not seem constructive to see that kind of feedback, but it does tell you that the current systems in place are not satisfactory to all. That too has its value I suppose.
That's the thing; currently STO does feel like a themepark where everything is in it's own little area. Nothing feels connected, epic, or big. With Reputation and Starbases, we could have this huge interconnected system with all sorts of activities and random stuff for you to try for hell of it. But instead we have something that takes the small content, and makes it feel smaller.