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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
That's the thing; currently STO does feel like a themepark where everything is in it's own little area. Nothing feels connected, epic, or big. With Reputation and Starbases, we could have this huge interconnected system with all sorts of activities and random stuff for you to try for hell of it. But instead we have something that takes the small content, and makes it feel smaller.

I agree. I had been hoping that Starbases were going to be part of an Exploration Exspanse thing. I thought that maybe we'd get a big area that random generates worlds and systems (like what we got now but with much more variety). You could go out find new species, new races, and usable materials. You could only travel so far until your ship's supplies ran low and you would have to return to your Faction territory.

I was hoping that your Fleet could do this, gathering the materials and recruit the new species that they find in to a Fleet Pool. That pool could be used to set up Planetary Bases and Starbases in the expanse systems that you had uncovered. Those would, in turn, allow you to resupply there rather than going back to the Faction Territory and add different purchasables depending on what type of system your base was in. Then you could explore further out. Stretch out and make a second base in a good system. So and so forth.

I thought that maybe one Fleet could attack an Enemy Fleet's bases. That would set the enemy back on their materials and whatnot. General multi-Fleet PvP fun and Exploration all rolled in to one cool system.

Buuuut no. Instead we an instanced Starbase right next to a canon Starbase and it was all just a Dilithium Sink. Joy.

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