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02-14-2013, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by radkip View Post
I'm actually happy that this is one of the few MMOs where crowd control spam isn't king. Every other MMO out there I press an ability and I get an error "can't do that while stunned", and then the respawn button appears.

The issue with willpower is that it's required to deal with the ridiculous amounts of knockback and control a Fire Team Tac can put out, but you don't really need it to deal with much else besides pulsewave crits. Even with 9 willpower you're often rooted or slowed to a crawl by strong suppressing fires, but even at 3 willpower most other CC abilities are more often than not negated.
I agree and also hate all the cc. But notice that the sci cc is easily resisted with 3 points in willpower yet the tac cc is not. The point is that many sci kits are cc only and thus useless for PvP yet the damage dealers (tacs) actually can realistically do more cc than sci, while also puting out tons more damage.

My post was to address the Xeno kit that Sci gets to supposedly compete with Fire Team/Motion Accelerater. I am testing still to see its usefulness, but so far not even close to the other 2 professions' new kits.

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