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Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
With Cruiser Hull and resist potential, 22 base turn and superior impulse, that should give any halfway-competant pilot the 3 seconds required to pop one of it's 2 APO's that, now thanks to AP Doffs can pretty much give you indefinite hold immunity, and get out of combat range to heal up.
While the bug may be good, it is by no means invincible. Even with some of the best healers in all of STO backing me up, I still die in my jemmy upon occasion to chained sub-nukes and a large enough damage spike. No ship ins this game is impossible to kill.

I also rather resent that remark about dying in a bug meaning that I'm a really awful player. Challenge my fleet to PvP sometime and you'll see just how awful I am.

PS: Running away from combat is a bad idea: you want to fly defensively, but for goodness' sake, stay in range of the healers.
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