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02-15-2013, 12:46 AM
The bio-function monitor prevents your crew from going missing, as odd as that sounds. To test, I got half of my crew missing by looking at a borg cube, once battle ended I equipped one of those, and crew appeared out of thin air. They were still disabled, but not missing. As for the emergency force fields, it has less of an effect to crew loss than the bio-function monitor.
Once I get to omega rank 5, I'll be making the Adapted MACO set, which provides a 25% boost to torpedo damage (awesome since I'm mostly relying on those for damage), and the crew recovery rate is equivalent to having the monitor. Aegis is awesome as well for the defense, which is low for me because I tend to keep my speed low.
Not sure what kind of effect Mask energy signatures on NPCs has, but for players, I'm easily detected at about 10km by a sci in a wells with no extra stealth detection consoles. It used to be awesome before with the covert trait, since I could run right next to people with my engi, and they'd never know. :3
Some other fun stuff. No amount of graviton generators makes the gravity wells' pull not be useless. Just 3 ranks of inertial dampeners, and you won't ever notice it. As for NPCs, it may prevent them from advancing, a GW DOff is absolutely required if you're going to use this skill.
For power levels, I run at 100 aux, about 60 shields (forgot exact amount, but it was 100 with the EPtS on), rest into weapons. This gives me about 20s recharge time on the hangars, with a green flight deck officer boosting those, for lack of a better one.