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02-14-2013, 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Obviously, it's both a nerf and a buff. Play around with it before passing judgement.
pretty sure you guys called branflakes after that game and cried cus i killed beiber even tho uall payed thousands for u fegbox ships.

i tried so much to hammer it into peoples heads the true value of the megacrit, thats why i wotn bother to explain a second time why a 50k trico is way way way less than a 100ktrico.

no matter, simul bo3/2 is more reliable

trico has long been inadequate for solo insta pops without the lucky beam ovelroad lead in and simulateneous point blank releae. this, as u all know, also coincides with the launchers near guaranteed death on crit.\

Anyone with a real understanding of this games mechanics and no true bias can see this nerf is unecessary at least, overkill at most.

But hey, something had to get me to stop using them eventually. And that something happens when unbuffed trico does less damage than a single hyt1 q torp. oh and di i mention hy plasma do more than trico now? lol