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02-15-2013, 12:57 AM
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We already have an elite PvP mode, it's when two teams are formed ahead of time with optimized builds for an optimized team comp.

The point

Your head.

The idea behind injuries in pvp is that yes, absolutely, it punishes you for dying. It's not about the game being 'harder', but about making the game interesting. Having a temporary penalty for dying that a player can't just remove or make light of for the duration of the match could add to the existing pvp paradigm.

Right now teams absolutely focus on the weak link, destroying that player over and over again, while doing their best to stay out of the guns of the other team members- but with a system that inflicts a match duration debuff onto an enemy, suddenly there's incentive to get your game on and take out the stronger players- as every death will weaken those players for the duration of the match.