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I have been playing startrek online for awhile now, i have purchased ZEN in the past but never has this happened before. I accidentally didnt update the new expiry date on my credit card so for some reason they tried to take the money from my bank account which didnt have any money in it at the time. Anyway when I made the last purchase for ZEN I transferred that to startrekonline but now that this has happened I am worried that my account with cryptic will get suspended or something. This has NEVER happened before and I have life time membership and have bought zen before without any trouble. This is a one time thing so I updated my creditcard info and then redid the purchase because I was hoping that there would be someway that the billing department might be able to take that purchast to cover my previous transaction that got declined. I was going to try to contact the company but I live in Australia and the phone number they have on there is for the billing department is a 1 888 number which doesnt work for me. If there is someone here that maybe works for the company that would be able look into this or give me advice on what to do I really would appreciate it.

I have tried to find the contact phone number for the company but I honestly cant find the dam thing anywhere at all.

Many thanks to everyone.