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02-15-2013, 01:28 AM
You want to know what I actually think about all this, since I haven't actually commented on it elsewhere. Go listen to Foundry Roundtable.

I'm pretty much done with the forums.
There is no way here to actually have people listen.
Aside from one very angry post well over a month ago, I have called for compromise, and how do we find solutions here that work for everyone, but one angry post demonized me in someone's eyes and they cried my name loudly and attributed to me, all sorts of things. Once that happened, anything I have to say here is useless, because all someone sees is my name and instantly, I am that guy who made an angry post before he'd had his cup of Earl Grey that day. Doesn't matter what I'm actually saying.

So, I'm done here with the forums.
If anyone gives a hoot about my opinions. (Hint : I bet you end up NOT hating me as much as you think you do, then have a listen to the new podcast. Write feedback. Be constructive. Let's have real conversations.)

Peace, Love and Sunflowers
- John