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02-15-2013, 01:31 AM
Good show, I listened to it. You suggested fleet marks be added back somewhere else and not be removed entirely, thanks for that. Listened to the first one as well.

I'm just concerned about what I saw on twitter, and my understanding of what is reportable and/or harassment.

EDIT: If someone is going around picking up Foundry missions, dropping them instantly, 1 starring them out of spite, and leaving protesting comments, this would not be right and should be reported to a GM. As the GM investigates, this would be evident by seeing the same name with review timestamps around the same date/time over and over. I'm not sure what actions the GM would take, whether it was to remove the comment and/or ask the player to stop, but they should at least be aware. One star ratings and comments from someone who didn't like the mission is fine, that's why there is a review/comment/rate process, but our GMs can easily tell whether someone has not played the mission as they would see comments only a matter of minutes later on different mission reviews. Someone doesn't have to play the mission to review, maybe they found a bug and had to drop, but if you saw the same name saying the same comment in multiple missions within a few minutes within each other, I think we can all agree that something wouldn't be quite right. ~BranFlakes

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