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02-15-2013, 02:31 AM
I'm sorry but this post seems unreal and the timing suspicious... that said I LOVE THE GAME just not gonna support it anymore.
There its a lot of good potentials to this game.. I just don't agree with the way its managed!
And as beautiful as it can be a game that doesn't allow solo play or small fleet it isn't just worth the money, I will keep my sub 1 more month to see if anything change. I LOVE STAR TREK and everything around it but i factor in the frustration on how slowly you get things done and how fast they are nerfed once you reach them.
Onestly I would be happier to see more bugs fix patches, most of the things i bought from the c store before and the zen store now are worthless, ship and console that keep getting nerfed every other day, what are you trying to teach to your playerbase? if you are a casual player and you are willing to spend real money on the game to make up for the time you can't play well look somewhere else! (I'm no economist but this doesn't seem a good bussines strategy)..
Really the atmosphere of the game its just GREAT, but the mechanics are really poor..
I love this game but the timing on this post its really odd

PLS no flaming or trolling intended (english its not my 1st language)