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Originally Posted by satanailofhwbg View Post
i noticed, that the popper was actually in a T3 that point I was on the brink to rage-quit.
actually i like the t3 defiant from c-store. the bo lay out is very nice. you get to have epts 1 x2 with an rsp. if you know how to handle a ship its not a problem.

i have done the obj in cure space elite in the kirk ship. i did get poped alot but not as badly as some of these guys running around va or lock box ships......sad but true

if im looking to get it over with fast i will jump into my bug ship. ofc it can take more hits, but dont pass up the t3 c-store defiant. it has the lay out the va c-store defiant should have had.

besides if your that hard up on the hull hp just use some juvnite. and fleet shields.

i swear tho, its suppost to be elite stf but its really just a joke. i guess the reason it is elite stf is because people that dont know how to make a build or fly a ship goes in and makes it take an hour to play.

good example is just did cure elite, pop first cube, guy says why pop first cube mid isent even done....really wtf? since when do you have to clear mid was my first thought. then i looked around and nothing was really done. wtf was the other 4 guys doing? i had to solo a dock on my own. i died 2 times. did not see plasma balls.

but when you have 4 guys and nothing is cleared it really makes you wonder. few people told me join elite stf but i never will. maybe i should not group thoes guys, but i ran with a few of them and would never do it again. i dont like being told this is for elite stf guys bla bla bla you suck. so what happened? yeah i did a 2v1 on these guys and pwned them both just to be told well this is pvp not pve. so this dont count............

if 2 people cant kill 1 bug ship and they both die what makes them think they are "elite"

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