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02-15-2013, 02:25 AM
I guess I'm just used to terms like harassment having very solid, unwavering definitions.
I agree people will interpret things differently though.

I reported something I thought (perhaps imagined) was a racist post that moderators didn't agree with I suppose. It offended me and my significant other, but nobody else I guess.
So you're dead on there.

I was just thinking, I could one-star you and say, "too much dialogue", "too much watering flowers", "too long" etc. and be totally wrong and you'd have no recourse right?

So what's the difference if I'm totally wrong associating you with a nerf, or aggressively involving devs in foundry matters. Do we need to succeed at a test or a survey before we can cast a rating?

This is why I suggested you more prominent authors just find a way to rate yourselves and turn off public ratings. I don't have to be allowed to rate you, but if you leave the option, there's a good chance I will. Let your success be determined by number of plays or Branflakes or Kestrel or somebody. If it's open to the public, get used to crazy stuff.

Hey, maybe have two ratings. Authors' choice and public. I tried to suggest this to you a week ago but you told me I was being wacko and venomous. Authors would have more time to do that than Branflakes by himself. Pick 5 or 10 a week, add them to your roster and let them vote too. That happens in the baseball all-star games for example, and coaches/sportswriters' polls.

Authors already in could nominate or sponsor new additions. I think that'd be cool. Have a drop down for both ratings. Good stories would NEVER be buried, right?