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02-15-2013, 03:37 AM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
except trics have a built in shock wave..............3 secs is all you need for any player to be killed. cant have your cake and eat it too bud
No stuns last 3s anymore... and seriously when has anyone landed a tric torp on someone and not been effected by the same stun.

Tric DMG was fine where it was... if they wanted to drop the cool down to 30s and leave the DMG alone it would hvae been fine... and perhaps made tric torps a bit more tempting to some people.

Mini and I have often disagreed on the tric... I do find it fun at times to try to insta kill with them (or did anyway)... in general though the Quantum torp has ALWAYS been the more reliable way to achieve the same goal... you might not get the odd super lucky splash kill... and yes I remember once long ago when we where flying In Minis own DBD fleet decloaking with our 2 bops and watching 5 feds go pop 5s later... yes glorious. WTF how did I get off topic.....

Ya tric torp changes BAD. lol
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