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02-15-2013, 03:47 AM
Originally Posted by fourxgamer View Post
If it's open to the public, get used to crazy stuff.
Agreed. The world is a very crazy place.
It is my belief that the first "review" in the image you linked went into the territory or personal, harassing attack, which made it reportable. So it was reported.
The other was part of a systematic harassment of any foundry mission/author in the Spotlight (In my Opinion) Which made it reportable, so I reported it.
The Cryptic/PWE employees can decide what to do with from there.

Originally Posted by fourxgamer View Post
Hey, maybe have two ratings. Authors' choice and public. I tried to suggest this to you a week ago but you told me I was being wacko and venomous. Authors would have more time to do that than Branflakes by himself. Pick 5 or 10 a week, add them to your roster and let them vote too. That happens in the baseball all-star games for example, and coaches/sportswriters' polls.

Authors already in could nominate or sponsor new additions. I think that'd be cool. Have a drop down for both ratings. Good stories would NEVER be buried, right?

My personal opinion, is that the current "rating" system is a pile of garbage.
1 to 5 Stars or lollipops or Birthday Cakes or Corvettes or whatever.
Any system where the rating is 1 to 5 will always fail to do anything but draw everything being judged within that system to slowly circle towards 3.

3 has amazing gravity apparently.

What we need is a well thought out and robust tagging and searching system for missions.

The primary reason I am against anything that brings in a concept of "authors choice" is that it just adds a further layer of "rating" to things.

Ratings are a whole other conversation, but i think you begin to see why I don't care about 1 star or 5 star or blue star or red star. None of it matters. A truly working tag and search system along with a UI overhaul are what I think the Foundry can most benefit from.

I'm out of here.
The forums scare me these days

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