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That's the thing; currently STO does feel like a themepark where everything is in it's own little area. Nothing feels connected, epic, or big. With Reputation and Starbases, we could have this huge interconnected system with all sorts of activities and random stuff for you to try for hell of it. But instead we have something that takes the small content, and makes it feel smaller.
I was just about to make a comment in this thread about how in typical themepark tradition, this game has become extremely compartmentalized. STO needs more sandbox mechanics. And before anyone jumps the gun, I do not mean sandbox to the degree of EvE Online. That is not a sandbox. It's a freaking meat grinder. I mean sandbox mechanics that tie systems together so that they interact with and play off each other for emergent results.

Imagine if we had some DOff assignments that could have a lasting effect on the game... Have diplomacy DOff assignments fail and while traveling through an affected region of space, one could find themselves hailed by the offended government and ordered to leave their space or be fired upon. A diplomatic exchange could occur with a conversational minigame could ease the tension, and have a slight effect on the sector. Immediately following the conversation, checking the current sector DOff assignments for a mission that could be called "Easing diplomatic tensions" and putting your best diplomatic DOff team on it could go a long way towards mending politial fences and not only restoring peaceful relations with a civilization, but possibly earning some lucrative trade deals, that would actually feed into a galactic trade system.

If Cryptic could watch Star Trek and identify potential mechanics and subsystems that would add observable thematic elements from the shows into the game, let them take the form of minigames that could potentially affect other minigames. then we won't NEED official mission content. The game would constantly be throwing unpredictable elements at us that we could have an effect on based on how we deal with them... or even if we ignore them and go about our business...
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