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Originally Posted by deianirrah View Post

The way You describe Your recent CSE experience, I cannot help but wonder if You were lacking some situational awareness? Yes, You did clear the Nanites below a single (middle) cube and the cube all by Yourself while four players where unable to do the same within the same amount of time. As the mission had not failed, I can only assume the Kang was still alive at that point. So kudos for having a decent DPS build.

The question comes to mind: why did You choose to destroy the middle cube before taking a look at the other cubes and how the players where doing there?

Situations like that is why I personally prefer to do the mrrmll-tactic in a PUG - You get the combined firepower of four players and can see if someone is not really adding much to it and it takes a lot less of coordination. If a player is not really pulling his weight (DPS being king nowadays) You can still remedy that as You are there - while only one player has to keep the Kang clear from two sides. Less of a hassle.
sorry if i was a bit miss leading in my post, i cleared right, poped first cube when a pug said why did you pop cube when mid is not cleared. i knew i was doing a solo but assumed the pugs were doing stuff. not really sure what they had done. a nanite was missing from mid (just 1 mind you) dont know what left looked like.

its kinda hard to get pugs to form as a group since they seem to always spread out. this is why i will always pop first cube even if the pugs cant handle it, i try to force them into team work win lose hope they learn from it.

im always told i suck since i do blow up. i dont run from a battle like most pugs will. i dont bother to use armor consoles and if i do its still 1 neutrioum. hard core pve'ers will gear up to guard from plasma. i just choose to fly smart, use my buffs according to whats going on and keep pushing. with no armor consoles i can solo a tact cube end of infected to around 50%. if the group is not done with the gate i just might pop. most times i do get help from that point foward and maybe get an et from a random tact. (thats always lol)

this is my build, its what i use for pvp. stf is only for omega marks for rep lol.

side note, the t5 skill seems not to boost crits, if it is its around an extra 1.9%. not going to see that when you have 2 rom bo boosting crits, tact lobi console, zero point, borg console.

i use omega deflector,engines, maco sheild, mk11 phaser dhc accx3 as well as same mods on turrent. pure cannon ship no mines no torps.

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