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02-15-2013, 04:37 AM
The canon, in this regard, deals not only with the characters themselves, but what the writers were able to get away with and what the censors allowed.

I would say that if you keep that in mind, unless the much more "perfect" humans of the Federation eschewed such expressions entirely (I very much doubt that), you can use whatever you want. That said, I think it would take Picard quite a bit to start swearing in earnest, though he's used a foul word or two in his day.

Commanders in particular seem like they would tend to have sufficient practiced eloquence to restrain their speech in most cases.

A grizzled combat vet, on the other hand, would probably use whatever they felt like assuming a disapproving commander wasn't nearby to hear it - and maybe even if they were if they were under fire.

That said, don't forget to toss in some alien foul language. I'm sure most races have been creative in this regard!