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02-15-2013, 04:13 AM
Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
With Cruiser Hull and resist potential, 22 base turn and superior impulse, that should give any halfway-competant pilot the 3 seconds required to pop one of it's 2 APO's that, now thanks to AP Doffs can pretty much give you indefinite hold immunity, and get out of combat range to heal up.

They are a blight and now there are even more of them. Don't worry, Cryptic won't nerf 'em but at somepoint down the line, they will introduce newer ships either via C-store, LockBox or Fleet that will be more than competative and the people who dumped $100's even $1000's to get a bug, will dump even more for the next best thing.

I'm glad somebody's funding this game but it sends a clear message to Cryptic on how it think's it should run this game rather than how it should be run.

The only good thing about the JHAS is it forces other players to be that much better in the long run.

base 20 not 22

and no cryptic will just nerf everything else in the game.

people want to talkk about op stuff why isnt there a thread in here with anyone complaining about the elite fleet sheilds?

we went up against a premade lastnight and i believe all 5 ships were running them,,,2 of my teamates are excellent pvpers, this team was all from same fleet so if one had them chances are they all did,,,we got waxed 15-0, ive never lost like that with those 2 guys on my team even if we had 2 crappy randoms. so we checked them out,,depending on which one you pick say base 15% resist to phaser/tets/polaron for example,,it stacks 2% 10 times for an additinal 20% now we are at 35% resist, but dont forget ep2s and TSS, after running the numbers my friend said your resist can get up to 65% minimum compared to the maco shields i was running that only have 10% resist to all types, it also can stack up to 20% to whatever energy it doesnt have a base defense from, so if any of this is wrong someone feel free to correct as im trying to learn about those shields cause far as im concerned they are God mode, the first target called lastnight 4 of us went after the guy and we never had him below 60% something is wrong with that picture.