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# 11 Bring In The Clowns
02-15-2013, 04:58 AM
There I was...


Didn't have time to say HI, had to get something to drink.

Everything goes good, kill the cubes with almost 6 minutes to spare.

A Klink was protecting the Kang and the other four all ganged up on the cubes.

Even the Rainbow/Technicolor guy does OK. (Very Rare)

The Carrier dies quick and easy.

Everythings good and we gather the loot.

I type "GG"

The Klink says "GG, Are you kidding me?"

I say, 'Yep, even the technicolor guy did OK.'

The Klink says, "I was the one watching the ship."

I say, "So? It should only take one."

He pugs out...

I guess he though it should take 4 to protect the Kang. LOL