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02-15-2013, 05:00 AM
Originally Posted by buccaneerdtb View Post
But notice that the sci cc is easily resisted with 3 points in willpower yet the tac cc is not.
I see your point and agree that only 3 points in Willpower should not be able to almost negate science cc skills. At the same time something should be done to Suppressing Fire being able to root characters with 9 points in Willpower.

The issue with Suppressing Fire might be the stacking, as majortiraomega pointed out. As a suggestion I'd place a max count on how many times the debuff can stack. Many skills in the game already have such a restriction in place so it seems logical to me. Additionally, the debuff itself needs to be properly resisted by root/slow resistance provided by Willpower/skills/gear.

About the amount of KB a tac can put out, KB seems to be augmented by damage buffs. For reference, I have Willpower + Sure Footed + MACO armor. From personal experience a superbuffed Lunge will KB me much more often than a normal one, and if I'm crouched and take double damage from a NORMAL Lunge, I'll also get KB'ed consistently. This feels wrong considering how much KB resistance I have.