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Originally Posted by squatsauce View Post
If that second guy who bailed was in an Orb Weaver, then that was me. I didn't have much free time that day and got frustrated about the flustercluck that that particular ISE. It wasn't my best moment and I am sorry if I caused you any upset.
I don't bother looking at player profiles since S7 broke them and often the info there is either missing or incorrect. I don't really mind bailing out after a prolonged STF witn no end in sight.

broken1981 - when I say a T3, it means a regular (free) T3 tactical escort. I have T3 Sao Paolo, with a good equipment, in a good team and capable hands, it'll do fine(even the whole team can run those T3 escorts). But the problem here was in the device between the LCD display and the chair.
We were 4 to begin with. I couldn't help but notice that someone was dying way too frequently, and that's when i decidet to take a look at his ship. I mean, ISE could be done with 3 players, no question about it. But I'm a team player - I chose the right moment to GW the pack of spheres and SS them. If at least one player with good DPS is paying attention, the pack is gone within 15 seconds, but that wasn't the case. And most of the time, the problem is that the players don't pay attention to their surroundings and go do whatever they think is right.
For me it's obvious that when the pack starts moving toward us and someone GW them, you should ignore the two spheres warping out above the transformer and start shooting the pack, but that rarely happens.

All that said, I'm not some kind of exceptional player - my DPS is average at best. But I do something most of the player base doesn't - whenever I can, I point my camera to the teammates.

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