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02-15-2013, 06:25 AM
Center Solace is darn tooting right here. Cryptic is so eager to swing the fun bash bat that they lose sight of what the have.

Sure they time gate everyone and force them into reputation grind but what if they didnt.

Lets take the Ghost Ship mission. Its a great fun mission. They scale the enemies up so you can do it at any level and its still a fun mission. But are level 50 captains going to want to run it for MK VI chroniton launchers. No I think not.

If they scaled the prize upwards so that people got a blue mk xii chroniton torpedo or mine launcher and maybe a purple one if they accomplished the optional missions then people would race to do that mission everytime they wanted a Chroniton Launcher. The mission is there, its doable, its even fun.

But Cryptic wont reward it because they do not want you doing things that are fun. They want you grinding for reputation so you will go buy a zen card to shortcut dilithium needs for your grindfest.

They have taken the game too far into a grindfest. Every fleet leader knows everyday that many in his fleet are playing other games and doing other things rather giving into extortion based grind.

Theres content, foundry and cryptic made. Its playable. Its fun. Cryptic just wont reward or give good things to people that play their game. Go away players we dont want you here is their attitude. They put in grind based reputation because they wanted it and they meant it and they targeted it to players that pick up zen cards at walmart when buying their cheerios. The majority of people that play games for missions and fun are being escorted to the door as fast as branflakes and stahl can say buh bye to them like those stewardesses who smile happily but want you off their plane.

Reputation was done on purpose and it was not meant for the majority of the player base. It was designed and targeted towards credit card players and thats who cryptic wants in their game and not anybody else.

Right now people are logging on creating new accounts getting free ships and working hard to level up so they can fly them. It will be interesting to see how long they stick around when they discover how hard it is to get a mk xii Omega Engine to power that ship.

My opinion is different than Cryptics. I dont get to see their data mine numbers. But Im pretty sure I have a good finger pulse response on how many in my fleets play and how many dont and how and why they make their decisions how to spend their time.

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