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02-15-2013, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by picardtheiii View Post
If you believe that a 5 man fleet can achieve a tier 5 starbase I would like to see some numbers. Because I believe we both know that is totally impossible and the current system is intended to drive folks into fleets to encourage group gameplay. Which I happen to agree with, but all the same at least be honest with us.
The only thing that is "preventing" a 5 man fleet form completing the Starbase is time. You can keep working on these projects until the end of time (or, more realistically, until the severs go down.) It will take time to grind all those marks and all that dilithium. And then the time to age each project.

Other then a time gate, (Which, as I stated before is nonexistent unless you are competitive versus other fleets) There is nothing preventing you and your four friends from completing a Starbase.