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02-15-2013, 05:55 AM
Almost all you guys complain about epic space fails. But my worst stf experience happened on the ground definitely.You have players with bad skills setups they don't use they kits, dont use any hypos or shield charges or whatever device, they dont use borg F remodulators or they use them but dont see or care if the borg have adapted, they dont use the chat, wont respond to private messages which makes that bip sound, they dont care what the group does they are in they own world totally without any skills of observation! And when this happens I usually call them trolls so then they partially react and there are three possible things that can happen:

1. so they know how to use the chat and the insults start
2. they are wrongfully provoked and and leave the game without a word
3. they keep on trolling LOL

Or I get reported to the GM, and I like the irony of that soo much

I dont need the optional, and I don't play stf because of that, all I wanna is to finish the game kill some mindless drones! But instead I'm trapped with mindless humans which don't know what teamwork is they just do they trololo......

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