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02-15-2013, 05:57 AM
The NX seems fine for the most part, but it never had a deflector shield system installed, so I'd suggest:

Engineering: either

Engineering Team - Trip had to make repairs in the field multiple times, at a point the whole ship almost fell apart, so that'd make sense.
Emergency Power to Weapons - Malcolm used to tweak the weapons system a LOT, so I'd say it just fits.

Console - EPS Flow Regulator or Plasma Distribution Manifold. The reason? They tweaked them a lot in the show and the other stuff just doesn't make a canon explanation.


Polarize hull - speaks for itself. The NX never had a deflector shield installed, you can't count on two hands how many times they use it in a single episode.

Console - tough one. At this point technology was quite limited compared to 2409 standards, but definitely NOT a shield emitter. I'd say power insulators or flow capacitors, but just because you have to go with something.


Tactical Team looks fine, you could use Beam Overload as well, but I guess the former is more useful anyway.

Console - yeah leave it as Mag Regulators, the small boost won't hurt. Let's just pretend the weaponry are particle/plasma/phased stuff.