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02-15-2013, 06:42 AM
Originally Posted by hyprodimus View Post
On ships that can slot an ensign engineer, Ill put 2 EPS and and AtS which allows the lt sci to use tractor beam and TSS II. Otherwise its EPS 1 and 2 and HE I, TSS II.

What are your opinions? HE clears a lot of junk, but the timer is long. On the other hand, AtS can be kept up most of the time. Combined with attack patterns, thats +50ish armor.
Here's what you do. You get TWO Boff's. You do that because you can. Then, when you're playing vs someone that's overwhelming you with warp plasma holds, you use the HE. If not, you stick with your AtS. And you're a happy guy. Or girl. Or indeterminate Alien Lifeform.


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