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02-15-2013, 08:10 AM
Hai guyz! Imma put this here!

It isn't new, I was just going over it as someone on my channel had some questions on a different vid, and this vid pretty much covers those questions.

It isn't a super funny vid it's really more informative. Give it a watch if you would. There's a good bit about what I run for abilities and why. And then you get to see it all in action as an escort gets the jump on the Marmot and starts pummeling the poor wee beastie!

21k hull remember. I was scared the entire time! It's awesome you can watch the torpedo animations that he let loose on me right at the start of the bounce don't even catch up till it's just about over.

And it's in slow motion. I wouldn't want you guys to miss my good side.

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