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02-15-2013, 07:14 AM
The issue woth the new Romulus content is that once again the KDF was copy/pasted into the content with just a late arriving explanation as to why rather than give us KDF a little KDF flavor in the new content that made more sense in relation to STOs backstory.

The KDF was and has been invading the old RSE territories, reclaiming systems once ours and conquering new ones. We fight the Romulans in one of our fleet actions and even go against Sela at one point in two missions.

The new Romulus sector doesnt have any hooks that give the KDD player a sense of what our history has been with the Romulons

Heck, the Bajoran content did a better job of giving a KDF sense of involvement with its gathering of intelligence and very KDF esque crowd control.

So the complaint is not so much that we are helping the RSE refugees but that we are not doing so in a KDF manner and are included as just another copy/paste.

The perception of KDF-esque involvement is all that many fans want, not a tack-on job after the fact that includes us as a fifth wheel.
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