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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
A true remake of KoTOR 2? Puh-lease, the gaming gods aren't that kind.

As for TOR, I can't imagine having anything to do with it any time soon. The F2P set up is crap, and the art style makes my eyes bleed.

That depends on who get's to the thread first. A lot of mods are no fun here, but some Devs have senses of humor.
Yeah, Tumerboy (now known as tacofangs) and Brandon are pretty good at it.

I'm still trying to figure out that thing where 4 devs said the same thing with no intervening posts.

Originally Posted by captnurntumber View Post
Actually, its not. STO is a fun game, but its not as well made as SWTOR. It doesn't have as much content as SWTOR, discounting user made content.

I know die hard trekkies won't like to hear that (at least the ones that feel some sort of rivalry with Star Wars) and its at its heart, a matter of opinion.
TOR's art feels a bit wrong at times - there's not a lot of stuff that I feel comfortable wearing in any specific class (Drelliad Jacket and Classic Conservator's Robe are good for smuggler and the Jedi classes respectively, but...), and I don't like ANY of their weapons.

But yeah, the F2P models aside, TOR is much better than STO in almost every respect. Now if only you could choose your flight path in space combat... or, you know, have access to something vaguely resembling the tailor... (or even the Foundry! )

Edit: There's just ONE thing I can think of that I like about TOR's F2P model: you can buy almost EVERY subscription perk with credits. Emphasis on "almost", as a credit cap isn't among those things.

Re-edit: Well, okay, and the fact that you're not spammed with lockboxes everywhere. Then again, the problem is probably in the fact that TOR is far more subtle - it's just as bad in its own way. <.<
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