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02-15-2013, 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
The solution is always ALWAYS returning less that we got previously. Theyare continually returning less thanthey take - always shafting the players ina way that fools just enoughto keep their shenanigans afloat.

Well last time, they pulled dilithium rewards from STFs right as they added another dilithium cost-heavy grindfest. The forum erupted just like it did this time. Then a couple of weeks later they added Dilithium to Foundry. Then the result was more Dilithium yielded than ever before. Not less... More. The Fleet Marks were a bonus that they never intended to leave. I remember that it was originally planned to be removed. I also remember them announcing that they were leaving it, as I recall, "for now." That indicated right there that it was subject to change.

If they add a fleet mark reward wrapper around PvP engagements and other group-oriented missions that works the way it did on the Foundry, that will solve a lot of the problem right there.

Whatever they do, I figure we'll see it start to balance out in two to three weeks.
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