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That's the thing; currently STO does feel like a themepark where everything is in it's own little area. Nothing feels connected, epic, or big. With Reputation and Starbases, we could have this huge interconnected system with all sorts of activities and random stuff for you to try for hell of it. But instead we have something that takes the small content, and makes it feel smaller.
I'm OK with that actually.

When I go to Disney World I very much appreciate that the Magical Kingdom and all the little kids screaming and running are "over there" while I'm over at Epcot where there are not as many little kids screaming and running. The futuristic park surrounds me versus the cartoonish and bubbly stuff over at MK.

In STO, the themepark-ness of it means I get to direct how I'm going to spend my time. If I want to do STF = fine and I get the rewards for time spent. Alternatively, I can just run to Memory Alpha and craft something for a few more EC. Then again, maybe I can go Patrol that system for a pew pew romp.

The point is *I* get to choose how to spend my time.

Here is my perspective: I played City of Heroes from launch to close. Although each zone looked different and had different mobs to defeat it was still the same type of game-play over and over and over and over all over the game. And if you were max level then some zones were simply avoided because they offered NOTHING I couldn't get or do somewhere else. What made gameplay different was running missions vs open zones. Oh wait, this is YET ANOTHER warehouse/cave/laboratory/base to fight in ... How about a Task Force: oh wait, this one takes 1 hour to finish, that one takes EIGHT hours (no kidding) ...

And yet, I loved that game and was willing to log on every day.

In STO, I am getting that feeling too. So it must be that - for me - I am going through Square Missions and have a Square Playstyle
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