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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
1k or 2k? Sure.

10k or more? No, that's significant.
It depends on how much hull you had to begin with.

At the low end hull matters a lot, but once you have a certain amount of buffer, it loses it's importance. If you're in either a cruiser or a patrol escort you can survive bleedthrough damage, and have a bit of buffer to heal. Attacks that would insta-kill the patrol escort are likely to do it to the cruiser too.

Something like a BoP can die if you blink at the wrong time, no matter what the shields are like.

I've never really complained about the hull on the JHAS though -- basic escorts are already at the point where more hull wouldn't help them much, so it's not a big advantage for them. My problem with the JHAS has always been that it is best-in-class in every category, and has a turn-rate inconsistent with other escorts. The Wells has a similar problem, but dogfighting ability isn't so crucial on a science ship.